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Explicit Sharing – Advanced Open Graph #1

[tl;dr] In the “Advanced Open Graph” series of posts I’m going to shed some light on lesser known or very new and therefore not as widely used features of Facebook’s Open Graph platform. Since launching Open Graph in late 2011, the platform team has been very busy refining and optimizing the available APIs. Despite being

Behind the Scenes: Timeline-based Emails for Improving Internal Communication

A few days ago, the Facebook Engineering Team wrote an article about how Facebook is using Open Graph internally. Inspired by this, we did a brainstorming session at our “annual” Summercamp which is taking place right now in a luxurious mansion near Lake Balaton. At Summercamp, all Socialists build super exciting and awesome projects. In

Beyond Kampagnen-Apps: Sichtbarkeit von Anwendungen erhöhen mit Facebook Achievements

Wir überlegen täglich gemeinsam mit unseren Kunden, wie erfolgreiche Social Web-Applikationen aussehen können. Durch die Fülle an konkurrierenden Facebook-Kampagnen, fällt es jedoch immer schwerer, Benutzer an die eigene Marke zu binden und auf neue Kampagnen aufmerksam zu machen. Deswegen achten wir immer darauf, leicht verständliche und möglichst Plattform-integrierte Applikationen zu konzipieren.  Am Beispiel des “Stiegl Maibaums” soll

GraphInspector: Your New Favorite Facebook Developer Bookmarklet

When developing Facebook applications, one very common task is copypasting user ids into config files or administration forms. Since most users have vanity URLs, you have to look up their ID using or copy the ID from the profile image URL (did you actually do that? If yes, leave virtual high fives in the

Facebook URL-Linter: How to force Facebook to refresh your Open Graph Meta-Tags

Ever wondered how you can force Facebook to fetch and refresh your changed Open-Graph meta-tags again? Usually it takes days before Facebook crawls back to your page and update it’s meta-data – if you need to change an image or text you will have to wait for the next crawling session. More by accident we