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Hacking Google+ Part 3: Interactive Posts

This posting was inspired by gpluscamp, a Google+-focussed barcamp happening today in Essen, Germany. Since I am not able to attend personally, I thought I might at least contribute this way… :) Have fun at #gpluscamp! After integrating your web-app with the  Google+ Sign-In Button  and fetching circles & profiles for the Friend Selector, it’s finally

Hacking Google+ Part 2: Building a Friend Selector

So you have followed my first tutorial and have successfully connected your web-app to Google+ with the Sign-In Button and are now ready to offer your users a truly social experience – well done, but what’s next?! In this short tutorial I’ll show you how to implement one of the key-patterns most social web-apps will

Hacking Google+ Part 1: The Sign-In Button

Ever since Google+ was released in summer 2011, social web developers have been begging for API access to Google’s latest foray into social. But besides some widgets and the Hangout API, we were basically left on our own. Promising APIs like Google+ History  remained in developer preview, and Canvas integration is available to few exclusive

Behind the Scenes: Timeline-based Emails for Improving Internal Communication

A few days ago, the Facebook Engineering Team wrote an article about how Facebook is using Open Graph internally. Inspired by this, we did a brainstorming session at our “annual” Summercamp which is taking place right now in a luxurious mansion near Lake Balaton. At Summercamp, all Socialists build super exciting and awesome projects. In

Rand-o-Mjam: unser Beitrag für eine ausgewogenere Ernährung!

Alle paar Tage taucht er hier im Büro auf, der Wunsch nach mehr Abwechslung bei der Essensbestellung auf mjam.net. Mjam ernährt ja mehr oder weniger große Teile der Wiener Kreativ-/Digital-/Social Media/Startup-etc.-Büros seit Jahren erfolgreich, doch der eingebaute Quality-Rank und die menschliche Trägheit führen dann doch dazu, dass meist bei den selben zwei, drei Lokalen bestellt