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Shift in Paradigm: Facebook Now Hosting Your Open Graph Objects

A guest contribution by Klaus Breyer Up to now it’s been mandatory for each Open Graph Object to refer to a corresponding URL/webpage containing the actual Open Graph metatags which manifest the object and its attributes. Open Graph is threading the infinite depths of the web with its’ meta tags, spanning a semantic web unprecedentedly Free, Open Graph-connected Chat Widget replacing Facebook’s Live Stream Plugin!

Die Socialisten are proudly launching, a free-to-use realtime chat widget connected to Facebook’s Open Graph, replacing Facebooks Live Stream plugin which is to be discontinued in October 2012. promises more referral traffic and viral spread of live chats by letting users publish their messages as Open Graph actions. Other features include a live-facepile

Tweetsheets – Twitter Directly From Within Google Docs

We love being social. Fortunately, our boss does, too, which means that we are encouraged to use social networks like Facebook and Twitter at work. It has come to our attention that there are other companies where being social is not appreciated quite as much. Imagine sitting in a boring cubicle office with lots of

Behind the Scenes: Timeline-based Emails for Improving Internal Communication

A few days ago, the Facebook Engineering Team wrote an article about how Facebook is using Open Graph internally. Inspired by this, we did a brainstorming session at our “annual” Summercamp which is taking place right now in a luxurious mansion near Lake Balaton. At Summercamp, all Socialists build super exciting and awesome projects. In

Rand-o-Mjam: unser Beitrag für eine ausgewogenere Ernährung!

Alle paar Tage taucht er hier im Büro auf, der Wunsch nach mehr Abwechslung bei der Essensbestellung auf Mjam ernährt ja mehr oder weniger große Teile der Wiener Kreativ-/Digital-/Social Media/Startup-etc.-Büros seit Jahren erfolgreich, doch der eingebaute Quality-Rank und die menschliche Trägheit führen dann doch dazu, dass meist bei den selben zwei, drei Lokalen bestellt

GraphInspector: Your New Favorite Facebook Developer Bookmarklet

When developing Facebook applications, one very common task is copypasting user ids into config files or administration forms. Since most users have vanity URLs, you have to look up their ID using or copy the ID from the profile image URL (did you actually do that? If yes, leave virtual high fives in the