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Hapi.js – Enterprise level backend framework from Walmart

Our story begins with a excerpt from blog post blog.codinghorror.com written on July 2007. Any application that can be written in Javascript, will eventually be written in Javascript. Jeff Atwood – co-founder of StackOverflow And that was in the era of first versions of jQuery (really quite a long time ago in coding business). That

LifeHack: Pay Facebook to serve Facebook ads to Facebook devs to fix Facebook bugs

We all know the situation: You find a bug on Facebook. You submit a bug report with the bug tracker. You’re looking forward to an answer. You’re not receiving an answer (in a satisfyingly short amount of time). So, why not hack the ecosystem and improve reaction times? It’s been a really long time since

New Open Graph Tags for Publisher & Author

A quick one for the morning – as announced on the Facebook Developer Blog today, Facebook has updated & extended support for the author- & publisher Open Graph-tags. These tags allow blogs or news-websites to link an article to the Facebook profiles of both the author (=personal profile) and the publisher (=page). Usage is pretty

How to Fix the IE9 Image Onload Bug

IE9 has an annoying bug that prevents the onload event from firing for cached images. Here's how to fix that in one line of code, without any of the usual drawbacks.

Shift in Paradigm: Facebook Now Hosting Your Open Graph Objects

A guest contribution by Klaus Breyer Up to now it’s been mandatory for each Open Graph Object to refer to a corresponding URL/webpage containing the actual Open Graph metatags which manifest the object and its attributes. Open Graph is threading the infinite depths of the web with its’ meta tags, spanning a semantic web unprecedentedly

Open Graph Apps for the Masses? An Overview of Recent Changes.

In January 2012 Open Graph, an interface that enables deeper integration of proprietary apps and websites with the Facebook Graph, was launched and publicly activated. Since then a lot of aspects of this software have been overhauled, some features were enhanced, some completely canceled. Despite initial scepticism — there was apprehension concerning extensive additional efforts for

Update: Facebook Ad Image Compliance Tool for 20%-Text-Rule

[tl;dr] In December Facebook announced more strict requirements for Pages’ cover-photos and photos in sponsored stories, essentially limiting the amount of text-overlay in these assets to 20% max. Since these requirements are going into effect today (Jan 15th 2013), here’s an update on the new rules and how they’ll be enforced!

Facebook Policy Introduces 20%-Text-Rule for Cover- & Sponsored Photos

[tl;dr] Starting Jan 5th 2013, certain types of photos and images on Facebook platform will be restricted as to the amount of text they may include (“text overlay”). These rules append according to the context in which images are published: Photo-postings on Facebook-pages which are subject to promoted stories may not contain more than 20%

How to Accelerate Your Facebook Open Graph Approval

Here at Die Socialisten we think a lot about our internal processes and how to speed them up. Because we’re doing a lot of agency work, our deadlines are often quite challenging. Today we came up with a (only half-serious) way to improve the OG approval process.

Preview: Facebook Developer Conference f8 2011

Bereits zum vierten Mal lädt Facebook diesen Donnerstag, 22. September zur Facebook Entwickler Konferenz f8 (ausgesprochen “eff eight”, obwohl “fate” auch nicht so unpassend wäre, wohl kein Zufall) in San Francisco. Sieht man sich die Highlights vergangener Jahre an, so wird schnell klar: Mark Zuckerberg & Co. machen zur f8 keine halben Sachen sondern nutzen