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LifeHack: Pay Facebook to serve Facebook ads to Facebook devs to fix Facebook bugs

We all know the situation: You find a bug on Facebook. You submit a bug report with the bug tracker. You’re looking forward to an answer. You’re not receiving an answer (in a satisfyingly short amount of time). So, why not hack the ecosystem and improve reaction times? It’s been a really long time since

5 Steps to Dramatically increase the Security of Your Facebook Development Setup

Beside the fact that every serious web developer should take some time to protect their app against attacks like XSS and SQL injections, many developers forget about protecting the app on Facebook and their own Facebook profile as well. In this quick tutorial I will show you 5 easy steps to increase the security of Free, Open Graph-connected Chat Widget replacing Facebook’s Live Stream Plugin!

Die Socialisten are proudly launching, a free-to-use realtime chat widget connected to Facebook’s Open Graph, replacing Facebooks Live Stream plugin which is to be discontinued in October 2012. promises more referral traffic and viral spread of live chats by letting users publish their messages as Open Graph actions. Other features include a live-facepile

Beyond Kampagnen-Apps: Sichtbarkeit von Anwendungen erhöhen mit Facebook Achievements

Wir überlegen täglich gemeinsam mit unseren Kunden, wie erfolgreiche Social Web-Applikationen aussehen können. Durch die Fülle an konkurrierenden Facebook-Kampagnen, fällt es jedoch immer schwerer, Benutzer an die eigene Marke zu binden und auf neue Kampagnen aufmerksam zu machen. Deswegen achten wir immer darauf, leicht verständliche und möglichst Plattform-integrierte Applikationen zu konzipieren.  Am Beispiel des “Stiegl Maibaums” soll