How to Accelerate Your Facebook Open Graph Approval

Here at Die Socialisten we think a lot about our internal processes and how to speed them up. Because we’re doing a lot of agency work, our deadlines are often quite challenging. Today we came up with a (only half-serious) way to improve the OG approval process.

Approximately one year ago, one of Facebook’s biggest additions to the Facebook Platform was launched: Open Graph. The best part of this is the ability to create custom actions which are published to the Facebook Platform. Nevertheless, the best part is sometimes also the most tedious and difficult part. The approval process by Facebook was a big point against the implementation of custom actions. Fortunately, nowadays it’s pretty fast. Facebook guarantees feedback within 3 business days, and that’s fine. If you followed all of the Open Graph Tutorials, Checklists, Michael‘s blog posts, and if you are an eager PMD developer, there should be no problem at all to pass the approval process in the first attempt. But we wanted to have a real chance to get things done even faster.

We ended up with one funny strategy that might actually work: Facebook’s Platform team always verifies your implementation based on an automatically created test user (aka “Auth Dialog Preview User”). When signing in via the Developer Dashboard you are redirected to this user’s Facebook timeline. Et voilà, there you have it: A complete page (aka ad space) where you can say hello to Facebook and most of all say thank you for their amazing work. We love those guys in Menlo Park. We hope that if we tell them frequently enough, we might have a better chance to get through the approval process. So we upload a custom cover photo, and create a wall post about our dev guys. Feedback is everything!

So easy. So powerful. So motivating 


What do you guys think about the Open Graph approval process in general? Are you satisfied or have you found other ways to speed up your process? Tell us in the comments below!

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