Facebook URL-Linter: How to force Facebook to refresh your Open Graph Meta-Tags

Ever wondered how you can force Facebook to fetch and refresh your changed Open-Graph meta-tags again? Usually it takes days before Facebook crawls back to your page and update it’s meta-data – if you need to change an image or text you will have to wait for the next crawling session. More by accident we have discovered this handy tool offered by Facebook itself: the “URL Linter”.

This tool will show you how Facebook sees your page:


Fig. 1: What Facebook sees when crawling your page.

But luckily it also updates Facebooks internal record for this page. So the next time someone shares your link from the share dialog or uses the like-Button, they will already be presented with the new data:

Fig. 2: Data is updated for all share dialogues.

Fig. 2: Data is updated for all share dialogues.

Did you know this tool before? Leave your comments below.


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